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Where do I start? I have always envisioned starting a small business catering to women in some capacity, but often wondered how I would utilize both my business and education degrees. In 2016, I started dabbling in network marketing in the jewelry and accessories business where a happy mix of both skill sets were utilized. After leading a team of over 300 women for 3 years, I decided to forge my own path and start my own business.  
Fast forward to 2019…I utilized both skill sets once again which evolved into the branding of a jewelry and accessories business that I could call my own. As a result, envisioning a brand that would focus on women feeling stunningly beautiful, fearlessly bold, and fabulously adorned birthed what is now known as The Cayged Collection.
We take pride in selecting pieces in an effort to take any one fashion style from work, to casual, to night life all in one look. It is an absolutely rewarding and humbling feeling knowing that every day my brand has helped women Be BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, and ADORNED with our jewelry and accessories that are as fabulous as the women who wear them.   
Thank you to my family who have always been supportive and the driving force behind the company’s name, and thank you to all my customers  who support, promote, and wear my brand and allow me to capture and embellish the beauty you already possess through The Cayged Collection brand.
                                                                                                                  The Cayged Collection                           
Charisse Barnes-Ferraro
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